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ATVS team 1990-2010


Loser, Winkelturm "E", Monte Cavallo - via F.Schiavi

Weather situation for route

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LINK            Vremenska napoved Avstrija                       LOSER vreme Bad Aussee           

LINK            Meteo Alpin                                                LOSER vreme ORF.at

LINK            Maltatal Wetter                                     >>  LOSER vreme WETTER.at

                                                                                      LOSER vreme ilmeteo.it

                                                                                      LOSER vreme ZAMG

                                                                                      LOSER kamere 1

                                                                                      LOSER kamere 2

                                                                                >>  LOSER kamera z arhivo

                                                                                      Bad Aussee vrtljiva kamera

                                                                                      Altaussee kamera


Agner kamera     Foto 1  2  3  4  5  6  7                            PLOCKENPASS vreme METEO.it

Kotschach  kamera                                                         PLOCKENPASS vreme ilmeteo

                                                                                      PLOCKENPASS vreme WETTER.at

                                                                                      PLOCKENPASS webkamera


                                                                                      RADAR   SI meteo radar


Winkelturm Klettersteig D/E, PDF vodnik 1   vodnik 2 (str.8)

Winkelturm online vodnik 3   vodnik 4


Winkelturm online vodnik via Enrico Contin "B"

REG.!  Winkelturm album 1

REG.!  Winkelturm album 2                                              Zadar prognoza

via F Schiavi album 1                                                       Paklenica prognoza

via F Schiavi vodnik + fotke                                              CRO radar

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