Software list & downloads

  1. Codecs
  2. DVD ripping
  3. Capture
  4. Editing 
  5. Encoding
  6. Authoring and burning
  7. Players
  8. Audio

1. Codecs

A codec is a COmpression/DECompression software used as a kind of plug-in by video software to compress or read video file. 
Codec Release Description Download Editor
DivX 3.11alpha MPEG-4 codec  
DivX4Windows 4.0 Beta 2 MPEG-4 codec from
Huffyuv 2.1.1 AVI lossless codec Ben Rudiak Gould
Indeo 5.11 good AVI codec   Ligos Software
Main Concept 3.0 fast MJPEG codec   Mainconcept
Morgan 3.0 French MJPEG codec   Morgan Multimedia
PIC Video 3.0 fast MJPEG codec   Pegasus

Tools to hack AVI files and change the AVI FourCC code (the 4-digit code to tag codec in AVI file):
Codec tools Release Description Download Editor
AVI FourCC Code Changer 1.0 AVI FourCC changer  
AVIFrate - AVI frame rate and FourCC changer AM-Software

2. DVD ripping

You must not rip copyright protected movies.
Ripping Release Description Download Editor
Darippak   convert DVD to DivX Darippak
DVD2AVI 1.74 great VOB to AVI converter Hiroko
Rip it all* 1.03 ripper based on Darippak engine 
(more options) Darippak
SmartRipper 2.34 best DVD ripper for the moment Tron

* Rip It All needs darippak to be installed

3. Capture

Although analog capture cards are generally provided with capture and video editing software, we recommend to use Averly Lee's VirtualDUB to capture analog video.
Capture Release Description Download Editor
AMCAP 1.00 basic capture (WDM) Microsoft
AVI_IO C03.19 capture software   NCT
Cineplayer DVR 2.5 digital video recorder (WinVCR)   Cinax
VIDCAP32 3.51 capture basique (VFW) Microsoft

VirtualDub material in these files is released under the GNU General Public License. Thanks to Avery Lee, we can make sure this mirror is consistent and updated.

Download a binary version if you are an end-user:
VirtualDub binaries Release Description Download Editor
VirtualDUB+ASF 1.4c bundled with ASF version Avery Lee
VirtualDUB 1.4d now reads Type-1 DV video Avery Lee
VirtualDUB  1.4.5 reduce preview CPU usage Avery Lee

Download source components if you want to look at the innards of VirtualDub and to recompile the program:
VirtualDub source components Release Description Download
V1.4c source code 1.4c You'll want this file to look at the innards of VirtualDub and to recompile the program.
V1.4d source code 1.4d
V1.4.5 source code 1.4.5
V1.4c auxiliary source code 1.4c If you don't have MASM 6.13+, you'll need the object files from this distribution. This file also contains the help file sources.
V1.4d auxiliary source code 1.4d
V1.4.5 auxiliary source code 1.4.5
Scripting source code  all Required to recompile VirtualDub. If you already have the sources, you can link VirtualDub against your existing library version
NekoAmp V1.4 source code  all MPEG-1 audio library; required to recompile VirtualDub. If you already have the sources, you can link VirtualDub against your existing library version.

Filters and plugins:
VirtualDub plugins Release Description Download Editor
Frame Tweaker - Virtualdub filters   Chris de la Rosa
Smart filters  - many Virtualdub filters   Donald Graft
VDfilter Pack* 2001B labDV pack Contact Jim

* Jim from labDV is maintaining this package as a bundle of VirtualDub filters.

4. Editing

The first table is for AVI video editors.
AVI Editing Release Description Editor
Edit Studio 2.1 video editing software Pure Motion
MainActor 3.63 video editing software Mainconcept
MediaStudio Pro 6.0 complete video editing solution Ulead
MovieXzone 1.0 build 5426 free video editing software Aist
Premiere 6.0 professional video editing software Adobe
Studio - video edition tool for Pinnacle products Pinnacle
Video Studio 5.0 video editing software Ulead

The following table is for AVIsynth, a frame server and a scripting language.
AVIsynth & Filters Release Description Download Editor
AVIsynth Pack* 2001B labDV pack Contact Jim
AVIsynth 0.3 scripting language / filters Ben Rudiak Gould
AVIsynth Premiere plugin 0.25 AVIsynth plug in for Adobe Premiere 5.x Ben Rudiak Gould

* Maintenance of AVIsynth is now done by Edwin until Ben is back. Jim from labDV is maintaining this package as a bundle of the latest release, plug-ins and tools (DLL, FlasK plugin, Premiere plugins, vdfilters.avs).

The following table is for MPEG video editors.
MPEG Editing Release Description Download Editor
Bit Rate Viewer 1.4 displays bitrate of video stream   Teco
iFilm Edit 1.4.5 MPEG video editing software   Cinax
Camel MPEG Joiner 1.0.7 join MPEG files  
Parse MPEG powerfull bitrate verifier   Teco
VCD Cutter 4.03 easy way to cut/join mpeg files   Jiaio system ltd.
Womble MPEG VCR 3.11 MPEG 1 and/or 2 editing software    Womble Multimedia

5. Encoding

Encoders and MPEG plugins are used to convert AVI or MPEG files into MPEG video streams.
Encoding Release Description Download Editor
AVI2VCD 1.3.9 AVI to VCD encoder J. Schlichther
bbMPEG 1.24b18 MPEG-2 encoding beyeler
bbMPEG 1.24b17 demux and info command line utilities beyeler
LSX MPEG encoder 3.5 MPEG encoder with VCD & SVCD support   Ligos
ReMPEG2 1.52 Some very useful functions to manipulate MPEG-2 streams, including encoding to lower resolutions/bitrates rempeg2
TMPG Encoder beta12i powerfull MPEG1-2 encoder TMPG Enc.
TMPG VFAPI plugin beta12i VFAPI plugin for TMPG encoder TMPG Enc.

We have dedicated a table to FlasKMPEG: FlasKMPEG takes MPEG streams (video streams are currently not supported) and encodes them into another format, trying to achieve the maximum possible quality and trying to minimize the conversion impact providing a straightfordward aproach to the MPEG1/2 to MPEG/AVI conversion.
FlasKMPEG Release Description Download Editor
XiS30e FlasKMPEG evolution, faster, more stable , more options (subtitles) PhyXiS
CSS Mism IFO parsing and VOB concatenation for FlasKMPEG XiS30e (including DeCSS to read VOB directly from the DVD) PhyXiS
0.6 Preview FlasKMPEG 0.6 Preview flaskmpeg_060_preview.exe FlasKMPEG
Thunder DVD mism IFO parsing and VOB concatenation for FlasKMPEG 0.6+  
0.594 original FlasK MPEG 0.594 original flaskmpeg_0594.exe FlasKMPEG
0.594 Intel  FlasK MPEG 0.594 Intel version
(binary only) FlasKMPEG
0.594 AMD Zone FlasK MPEG 0.594 AMD Zone version
(binary only) FlasKMPEG

The following table is for web streaming encoders.
Encoder Release Description Download Editor
Vidomi 0.356 easy to use GUI interface to encode and play DivX/Mpeg4 files vidomi356.exe Vidomi
Windows media encoder 7.1 fully fonctional encoder with several bitrate projects. from Microsoft Microsoft
WebCine Encoder - Encoding machine (hardware AND software)   Philips

6. Authoring and burning

Most of these software include Authoring and Burning processes.
Software Release Description Download Editor
CDRWIN 4.0A beta CD-R Recording tool   Golden Hawk
Easy CD 5.0 platinium multi-project recording sofware   Roxio
Nero multi-project recording software
and VCD/SVCD menu creation
VCD 2.0 Toolkit 1.0 Video-CD 2.0 authoring software
from Philips Media/OptImage
from I CD-i A  
WinOnCD* 3.8PE multi-project recording software
(no SVCD but great VCD authoring)

* Only WinOnCD 3.7 Power Edition avaible out of Germany. Note : Roxio might not continue to develop WinOnCD.

The following table is for (mini)DVD authoring software.
Software Release Description
DVD junior - authoring & premastering
DVD Wise - authoring & premastering
DVD Quickbuilder - authoring & premastering
DVD motion 4.3 DVD authoring & premastering trial version CDmotion
DVDit 2.3 DVD production software
trial version
SpruceUP 1.1 build 1106 DVD authoring tool
from SpruceUP
Spruce Tech
ForDVD - hardware and/or software suite for producing DVD   Synergy Broadcast

7. Players

These players allow you to playback your video streams on your computer.
Player Release Description Download Editor
FAST.DV-player - DirectShow DIF/DV, DVCPRO free player from FAST Fast
MPEG2 Player 1.3 MPEG2 player only, works fine   Elecard
The Playa 0.5.0 DivX player from
Power DVD 3.0 MPEG-VCD-DVD Player   Cyberlink
SthSVCD 5.5 free and powerfull MPEG2 player BHCT ltd
VCD Player 1.0 really light VCD/MPEG1 player Easy Comm
WinDVD 2.3 MPEG1-2/DVD Player    Intervideo

8. Audio

Audio software complete the Digital Video tools: editors, MP3 encoders, CD-Audio rippers and so on.
Software Release Description Download Editor
AC3 Decoder 1.0 downmix AC3 5.1 to Dolby surround sound for stereo headphones X-FileZ
CD'n'Go! Full 1.89 rip and encode CD Audio
and tag MP3 files for free CD'nGO
CD'n'Go! update from 1.xx  1.89 rip and encode CD Audio
and tag MP3 files for free CD'nGO
dBpowerAMP R6B convert audio (Mp3, WMA, Wave, Ogg), CD Audio & LP Ripper from Illustrate Illustrate
MP3 Cutter 2 2.0 cut MP3 audio-files into parts, 
without loosing audio-information
(no "Decode-edit-encode") Videoripper
VOBrator 0.2b extract Audio streams from VOB  
WaveMP3 1.2 convert MP3 to WAV (add heading) Videoripper

Authors: Jim & Steve
Correct English: Stan
Last update : July 25, 2001

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